October 23, 2018

Location and Time

October 23, 2018  (Tuesday)

Registration @ 8am  Simulcast @ 9am

$199.00 pp 

Canton Hall of Fame

2121 George Halas Dr NW

Canton, OH 44708

Learn about the presenters (Simulcast)

--Master the art of the shift with John Maxwell so you can increase your ability and keep your leadership edge.

--Apply Daniel Pink's insights on the science of timing so you can make decisions faster for greater impact.

--Understand the value of change with Carly Fiorina so you can prepare your organization for its next great year.

--Grasp the power of choice with Debra Searle so you can tap into the mindset of the most successful leaders in the world. 

--Tyler Perry's ability to learn and grow as a person and a creator will bring new life into leaders everywhere.

Presenting Live

- The energy and enthusiasm Scott brings to the field of Leadership will rejuvenate your love of Leadership.



Email-  scott.beckley@thegoldcompany.org

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