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Proven Strategies for Leadership Excellence

Leadership challenges the best of leaders.  It is  a given that there will be leadership obstacles throughout your career.  This content will provide you with how successful leaders think and how to move yourself and your employees over those obstacles.

Personal & Professional Growth: 15 foundations to assist you in reaching your potential

Potentiality is where it lies.  Where do you see your potentional?  Let's visit the 15 foundations that will lead your professional and personal growth so you can effectively lead by example.

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

Are your questions you ask your team great questions?  Whether you are a seasoned leader or a rookie leader, this course will inspire you to ask great questions that will improve everyone's leadership skills and overall success.

Becoming a Person of Influence

In one way or another you influence someone.  What kind of lasting influence are you leaving?  You never get a 2nd chance to make that 1st impression so make it great.  Learn to become a person of influence with this course.

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Communication takes place everyday and as a leader it is important to make sure your communication is being received.  With this course we will dive into making sure your communication is at its highest level.

Youth Development

With this course we will concetrate on what is so dear to us all, our youth.  Kids will learn about their choices: Attitude, resilience & many more life choices.